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Robust, Cost Effective, Secure Data Backup.

Simple. Reliable. Affordable.


All data, regardless of file size, is automatically backed up all time the unlimited data, unlimited file types, unlimited files sizes, unlimited external hard drives


Using military-grade security, your company's files are encrypted, transferred through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and finally stored at our datacenter that staffs full-time guards.


There is no need to prioritize files or worry about the amount of backup space your employees need. Unlimited backup eliminates extra steps and assures full business backup.

On The Go

All of your data is always accessible through a web browser on any device, and with the free Backblaze mobile app, files are also available to download or share from iPhones and iPads.


Backblaze continuously backs up the data on each computer when it is connected to the Internet. To keep it simple, we backup all data, regardless of where it is stored and regardless of file size. Our system even transfers files from USB or external drives when they are connected to computers.

Easy Restore

Select what need youwhether it is a few files or all of data yourto download over the Internet to any computer for free. Or order a flash drive ($99) or USB hard drive ($189) for delivery via FedEx.

Cost Efficient

Budget an annual expense for backup at $50 per computer a year and know that every last company file is safe. You will not find unlimited backup for your business for this price anywhere.


Backblaze optimizes your Internet connection, backing up as quickly as bandwidth allows and never slowing down Internet or computer speed.

Tracking Ability

Laptops disappear from airports, taxis, hotels and even conference rooms. You can always restore the lost data with Backblaze, but "Locate My Computer" function will also detect the IP address, map the location of your computer the next time it is online, and show the files a thief might be saving-all to help you and the authorities get your computer back. We know of no other online backup company that provides this feature--and it is free.

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